The music industry is exploding. Digital streaming alone generated over $7 billion in 2018. Yet most songwriters are struggling to make it. Why?

Paying music creators to use their music is the biggest expense music streamers have. They will always argue to pay music creators less.

Even if your songs generate millions of streams, these companies only have to pay you a few hundred dollars. And they’re fighting hard to keep it that way.

We believe it’s time for a change. We believe it’s time for a Rhythmic Rebellion.

What Is Rhythmic Rebellion?
Rhythmic Rebellion is a music streaming platform that puts you first and gives you tools to advance your career. We plan to pay songwriters the highest royalties of any company, thanks to a unique song registration software that empowers you to...
Empowering Music Creators to
Make a Living in Music in 4 Steps
Rhythmic Rebellion aims to build a better future for songwriters. We know a short-term patch is not the solution, so here’s an overview of our long-term plan to take back digital streaming and increase the incomes of all songwriters.
Rhythmic Rebellion is and always will be operated by songwriters and music creators committed to making financial decisions in your best interest.
Agencies currently hold 2 billion dollars belonging to songwriters because they don’t know who to pay. Using our unique song registration system, we’ll ensure songwriters and their shares are defined for every song on our platform, then pay music creators directly as our profits grow.
Instead of using today’s streaming payout models that encourage the lowest songwriter royalties possible, our business model (which is similar to BMI and ASCAP) will ensure all music creators are paid their fair share of royalties.
Songwriters’ compositions will be searchable, so music publishers and artists can find the right song for their project. Artists can contact you directly about recording your song, and you’ll no longer rely on music publishers to get your songs heard.
We’re proud of our long-term plans for success, but we’re also planning and developing ways to allow songwriters to make money on Rhythmic Rebellion in the near future. Join now so you don’t miss email updates on these opportunities, which may include opportunities to participate in paid songwriting contests or connect with music labels in search of songs for their artists

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Please join us in creating a Rhythmic Rebellion and putting music profits back where they belong—in the hands of songwriters like you.