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Eclectic EDM Hip Hop Beats


Underground Mixtape

By Brooklyn Bri

Metal-Inspired Electronica Beats

By Jalu Kaba X

Best of Karen Waldrup

By Karen Waldrup

Isaiah's Top Songs


Urban Latin Pop Fusion

By Nia Ocean

Country Love

By The Springs

Second Nature Hip Hop

By L.E.O.

Modern Electro Pop

By Carly Lind

Afro Soul

By Ayotemi

Vagabond Soul Pop

By Shanin Blake

Sounds of a Traveling Sailor

By The Beloved Stranger

Storytelling Acoustic Pop

By Nick Isham

Energetic Metalcore

By Seasons

The Kingdom of Alt-Rock

By Scott Mulligan

Electric Pop

By Michael Omar

Indie Folk Rock

By Mike Silvestri

Intimate Singer/Songwriter

By Sierra Vernon

Smooth Soul


Alt-Rock with a Mystical Drive

By Amalgamation

Soulternative Sounds

By Stelle Amor

Afro-Beat Hip Hop

By B'Kem

Neo-Soul R&B

By Narde

Cosmic Tribal Soul Funk

By Groovemaker

Electronic Vibez

By Beraud

Hobo Punk Americana

By D.B. Rouse

Conscious Reggae Fusion

By Wisdom and Sound

R&B Folk Soul Pop

By Karleh

Alt Rock Pop

By Jeremy Facknitz

Spoken Word Buffet

By Lunchmeats

Rap & Hip-Hop

By Zexah

R&B LowFi Hip Hop

By Dylan Cunniffe


By Emee

Chill Latin Hip Hop


Indie Fuzz Rock Pop

By Trunkweed

Cinematic Electronica Pop

By Sciarra

R&B Groove

By Naomi Graham



Electric Psychadelic EDM

By Spaceship Earth

Hip Hop Hits

By Holden Black

Folk Pop

By Grady Frazier

Cinematic Alt Pop

By Rocky Rose

Pop Rock Hip Hop

By Jonny Gorenc

Indie Folk Pop

By The Minnesota Child

Soulful Indie Folk Rock

By Ariah &

Pop Rock Hip Hop

By Ecdubbleup

Progressive Bluegrass Roots

By Stillhouse Junkies

Soul Hip Hop

By MaYa Huyana

Multi-Lingual Electro Pop Fusion

By Deah

Hip Hop

By Keeakev

Electro Soul

By Loki Moon - Davis Jones

Jazz Soul

By Bianca Love

Electro Hip Hop

By Loonar Music

Pop/Latin/R & B Luci Mix

By Luci

DJ Mix from Tel-Aviv

By Marcus Figueroa

Reggae & Chill

By Gracie Bassie

Fresh Pop

By Maddy Newton


By Scott Brantley

Beer Truck Love

By Derrick Hampton

Laughter, Love, Desire & Pain

By Rhythmic Radiation

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